A Narrow Passage At The Temple

by Liquid Land

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"I know you saw the sign"

Face the facts
Until the end
You're just a story
You must pretend
Is it true?
Is it wrong?
How does it sound?
Just like a song

Gets your eyes
Too much pressure
Too much light
Its so tempted
As you know
Make a last wish
Here we go

Can we suffer?
Can we fly?
Like that old swan
Passing by
Take your chance
There's no time
Call your allies
And spread the sign

Now you're no more
Just as you wished
The past is closed
The pain has ceased
it is all yours
I take the blast
Sure they will come
I'm the last

"I hear voices outside
And I saw the face of the killer
And his new friends
They are here to kill

Yes, I can feel it
That's why I'm hiding here
Between these monumental walls
And I wait for an end
In silence"


released May 2, 2017
Music and lyrics by Pedro Morcego
Recorded at Batcave Studios
Photo and Artwork by Pedro Morcego

About Liquid Land:

This project is just the love I have inside and want to share with the world.

What style? Well, it’s a free project, just like love is.

Each music is a tale and tales can exist in different shapes and forms.

Expect nothing, expect everything. It’s just my sincere love.

This was made with the means I have which means it is a homemade production without deep concerns about professional results, it’s a true and raw feeling I want to pass and it’s important for me to share it with the world with the same sound sensation I have when I’m creating.

It’s part of the intimate process of love, this love I want to share.

Also my concern goes especially to trying to share it almost at the moment of creation and not losing much time between that moment (while you’re still living the passion of exploring the world of a specific song) and the release to everyone.

That's because I want to share this tales while they're still full of life and movement.

Sometimes, just like love, music has its own time... to be born... and to live... And since the beginning a song must be free, to "live its own life and time", to be young and then to be old, just like us.

My music is not perfect. My music is just like us.



all rights reserved


Liquid Land Lisbon, Portugal

Liquid Land is a solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision

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